Online dating encyclopedia dramatica

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Online dating encyclopedia dramatica

At Wikipedia, a disinformation control grid was implemented by mods pretending to stand for factual accuracy.

It wasn’t feasible to implement the same in a subculture of .

Here’s some investigation of what may have happened.

If you aren’t in the know, Encyclopaedia Dramatica (mirror) was a troll-Wiki.

And was replaced by a website similar to the dozens of websites that commercialize Internet phenomena.

Apart from cataloguing memes that surfaced from the murky depths of 4chan, the wiki was used to lampoon and satirize every Internet subject possible.

Making fun of everybody and everything is nothing new.

However, it quickly became a battleground for powerful cabals and special interest groups who wanted to control the dissemination of information.

In the end, the cabal(s) won, and today, Wikipedia is patrolled by iron-fisted moderators who ensure user generated content does not in any way hurt the Powers That Be.

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One Gawker contributor became particularly notorious for reposting phenomena that he would stumble across at 4chan and Encyclopaedia Dramatica.