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One Left Party representative was spit on as he was walking down the street while another was threatened with violence.Meanwhile, representatives from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (Af D) party and the neo-Nazi NPD were celebrated for having voted against the refugees in the regional council.In a survey performed by TNS Forschung for SPIEGEL (see left-hand column), 84 percent of respondents said that the large number of refugees currently coming to Germany will result in "lasting changes" to the country.Some 54 percent said they are concerned that the danger of terrorism is higher due to the influx of refugees and 51 percent believe that the crime rate will rise. They feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously enough by the federal government, which hasn't exactly given the impression that it has the refugee crisis under control.Although there were around 80 visitors in the gallery, nobody admitted to having seen who threw the pen.

Ever since the regional council discussed transforming the former Hotel Weinböhla into a refugee hostel, the established political parties have been confronted with the hate of many locals.The pen thrown in Meissen may not have garnered much media attention, but it says a lot about the public mood in Germany, a country in which increasing numbers of people are united against the state, its institutions and its elected officials.It is a country in which antipathy towards democracy is gradually increasing while xenophobia is growing rapidly.It was a cheap, plastic writing utensil -- blue with white writing.As a member of the business friendly Free Democrats (FDP), Bahrmann's seat in the regional council is at the very back and the visitors' gallery is just behind him.

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