Oprah winfrey dating scams

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his person that one loves is still “stuck” in a foreign country and can’t wait to get on that plane to finally come home and spend “in real life” time with the true love of their dreams – their future husband or wife.

he romance scammer will keep trying to get as much money as possible from a victim until the victim can no longer afford to send money or until the victim realizes that their “loved one” has been running a con and is never going to come.

Many of our members have lost their homes, savings, jobs, retirement plans, maxxed out credit cards, now owe thousands of dollars in loans taken out to help their loved one get out of trouble and be able to come home or money owed because checks sent by the scammer have finally been returned to the bank in which they were deposited.

he devastation financially to not only Americans but those in other western countries is horrendous and only a few will ever report the true monetary losses they have suffered.

Oprah winfrey on her show with Brian Ross of ABC news in her show and said all Nigerians are fraud stars.

he scammer will tell the victim that he or she will be away from a few weeks to a few months and so the face to face meeting must wait.

Scammers post highly scripted fake profiles on multiple dating sites.

I know of only three dating sites online who are and strive to stay scammer free.

Other than these, there is not another dating site online that does not contain active fake profiles. A profile can be amended to fit any niche in the market.

Most scammers are men and will pose as either gender in order to con their victim.

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Along with all this attention, the victim receives romantic poetry, letters full of tender and charming rhetoric designed to continue creating the dream of a “perfect” lover and friend.

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