Pantyhose chat zones

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Pantyhose chat zones

I used to go upstairs to her bed room, and go through her laundry until I would find a pair of yesterdays panties...

When I was dating my now Wife we were having sex one night, then she told me she had an idea and she left the bedroom and came back with a silky pair of panties from the bathroom floor.

Karlie agrees to a match with Annie, on the condition that if Karlie wins, Annie will join her and Ice Cold in their war against The Dominator and The Warrior!

But Annie has a condition of her own: If Annie wins, then Karlie will have to be her SEX SLAVE for a MONTH!

Can Karlie possibly withstand Annie's brutal and perverted onslaught??

Or will she end up as Annie's helpless little fuck toy????

as I was spread eagle tied to the bed my wife started to tease me with a slow bj.

As I was getting loud she stuffed her wet panties in my mouth.

Cover Gal is no longer a reluctant participant and gladly joins this triangle of terror.The 'fetish' has remained with me and I'll always try a surupticious sniff when an opportunity presents its self. When I was 16 I used to baby sit my cousin after school.My aunt was a bigger women, but still had a great ***, nice set of ****, and was reasonable attractive.I run my own website which has 8 different girls selling their used items...Many years later after that unforgettable night with my boss wife which she caught me sniffing her panties n ended up something more than what I expected.

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He gives Scarletta a super dose of the powerful serum and soon she is under his complete control, shedding her GI Heroes uniform and joining him as a Venom Soldier!

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