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Passionfordating com

Because if you take as gospel what she says – “passion or bust!

I can’t say what the right reasons are to get married or what the wrong reasons are.And I’d rather you have a happy relationship instead.Unfortunately, while I’d like to appeal to emotion (as Lori did), I have to appeal to logic.Next, Lori’s making the assumption that every woman who didn’t have that ga-ga, giddy, wobbly-kneed feeling about her husband feels as empty as she does in her relationship. People who are generally satisfied in life are satisfied in marriage.People who are generally dissatisfied in life are dissatisfied in marriage.

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And wondering if I aspired to mediocrity and lost out on the amazing feeling most of us have felt at some time, of true selfless love. And that is what has happened to EACH AND EVERY married friend I have, (male and female) that married simply because of the reasons you mention…

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