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Once the installation is done, the Completing the Rocket Dock Setup Wizard screen displays.If you chose to put a shortcut to Rocket Dock on the desktop, double-click it to start Rocket Dock.To begin, double-click the file you downloaded (see the link at the end of this article).On the Select Additional Tasks screen, you can select the Create a desktop icon check box to put a shortcut to Rocket Dock on the desktop.For me they weren’t too bad, but make sure that you get lower than “Dre” a.k.a.Anyways, following these pull-ups, you do what are called “Super Skaters.” This move is easy and is actually pretty darn fun to do – it keeps your heart rate up as well.

I felt pretty strong doing these, but was fighting for the last two reps which were pretty much all from mentally willing my body to keep pulling.

Select the language for the setup program from the drop-down list on the Select Setup Language dialog box and click OK.

If not, you can find a shortcut to start Rocket Dock on the Start menu.

Dreya Weber – she is not at 90 degrees like the rest of the P90x posse.

Since there are not worksheets to document the weights used during these leg exercises, I recommend writing them on a separate sheet of paper so that you can keep track of your results and take note of whether the weights you used were too heavy or light.

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Docklets are available to help extend the functionality of your dock.

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