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He explains how he “toasted” his wife, the fact that all women are fair game if they don’t have a ring and more. On what love is: It is patient, kind, and understanding but for me love has to be more than that. On knowing his wife was “the one”: I had a few relationships that didn’t work out, but the last girl I dated before her couldn’t come to terms with my career prospects.

It has to be consistent and dependable, it has to be 100 percent. Love loves you enough to take you as you are but loves you too much to leave you as you are. This was a time when entertainment wasn’t stable and people weren’t making money.

Love is a clear lucid moment’s decision that says I have got your back no matter what. Love has to be more than all the perks that make life enjoyable. She couldn’t see a future in it so she advised me to get a bank job.

People lose their jobs and find it hard getting another; will you stop loving them because they are out of cash? People have had accidents and have become vegetables. I just knew that she wasn’t for me and at that moment I scanned through my life to see people that understood me and never tried to change me.

If the boy she is dating has not put a ring on her finger, she is fair game for anyone to toast.Certain jobs in the past wouldn’t consider a single man as M.D because unmarried men were considered irresponsible.Ik Osakioduwa is featured on the cover of Genevieve Magazine’s latest issue alongside Timi Dakolo and Richard Mofe-Damijo (click here).In the magazine, the media personality talks about love, his wife, his marriage and more.

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It produces a moist bird with a The great thing about working in the oilfield and construction industries is that you don't need a lot of expensive or formal training to get your foot in the door.

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