Recorded adult web cams

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Recorded adult web cams

We reported the band number to the United States Geological Survey Bird Banding Program and received the band report.

This banded female osprey is not the resident female and may have lost her mate and/or was looking for a new partner. See the interactive timeline above for specific dates and other significant events.

Apart from the conditions necessary for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults as outlined above, it is assumed that there is general consent from all people who enter the Church.

The presence of the webcam system, Livestream and recording potential are advertised via posters in the Church and on the Parish Website.

The parish recognises the dignity and rights of all children and is committed to ensuring their safety and well-being at all times.

The parish recognises that all involved in working with children have a special duty of care towards them.

View Into The Blue helped us work out those issue and last year we had a successful watching season with no major technical issues.A lightning rod, two lightning suppression units, and shielded cables are used to protect the setup from lightning strikes.A huge thanks goes to View Into The Blue, a company in Boulder County that specializes in streaming webcams, for helping us with our osprey cam setup.General Disclaimer The content of any Livestream belongs to the Parish Priest on behalf of the Parish and cannot be reproduced in any way, including online sharing, without his written permission. In the spring of 2003, this osprey pair began nesting on a light pole at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and returned each year.

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