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They are quick to point out your mistakes (most of which are because you are learning) making you feel hopeless and stupid quickly.

Management is pretty inexperienced so don't expect a manager who will believe in you and foster growth.

Grant, who imbues Miss Abigail with tremendous charm and warmth, does a great job with the interactive stuff, working the crowd well and playing off the audience nicely.

And Miramontes is adorable as the flirtatious Paco, particularly in the moments in which he shows off flashes of jealousy when his beloved seems to be taking an interest in some of the men in the audience.

The culture is very poor and the front line employees are not supported.

They have unrealistic expectations of the onboarding process and offer zero support and a lot of criticism.Internal operations does not align well with the field who drives the sales.Upper management routinely advises Supervisors to not disclose internal changes such as insurance policy requirement changes or staffing issues.The show, directed by Jonathan Pennington, is a lot of fun, and seems like a good bet for date nights and bachelorette parties. “Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage” can be seen at p.m.

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They consistently complained about how the company's policies and procedures got in the way of maintaining business.

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