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So, armed with 18,000 pages of evidence from her pc files, will Laura De Crescenzo now convince Judge Ronald Sohigian that the amount of time it took her to file suit in 2009 was reasonable, when he was the one who decided previously that she had filed too late?That’s a daunting challenge, and we’ll be watching all the way.

De Crescenzo started working for the Church of Scientology at nine years of age, and joined its elite Sea Org at 12, signing its standard billion-year contract.

Scientology’s appeal of Sohigian’s order failed to interest a state appeals court and the California Supreme Court.

The church was then denied its request for an emergency stay by U. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and now the full U. Supreme Court has not chosen the church’s petition for its October term and has denied the petition.

Laura De Crescenzo can now make use of the 18,000 pages of evidence the church was forced to turn over in July.

And she’ll need it, as she faces another tough hurdle in her case later this month.

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Like other women who have come forward, De Crescenzo says she was forced to have an abortion or she would have been kicked out of the Sea Org and separated from her husband.

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