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No navigator brought larger views, and a temper more benevolent, to the task of discovery.

Voyage—surgeon-superintendents—convict ship—treatment of women—abuses—systems of management—Dr. Reid—Cunningham—Browning—general safety of convict vessels—loss of the George the Third—the Neva—the Governor Phillip. [1643.] At the era of discovery by Tasman, Van Diemen's Land was inhabited.Then proceeding towards the woods, they met the tribe—the men and boys in a semicircle, with the women and children behind.Labillardière offered a piece of biscuit, and held out his hand, which a savage chief accepted, and smiling drew back one foot, and bowed with admirable grace.[1773.] Furneaux, Captain Cook's second in command, first visited this country. They had left their huts, formed but for a day, in which were fragments of fish, baskets, and spears.The British deposited gun-flints, barrels, and nails, in payment for the relics they removed; and they left Adventure Bay, concluding that a most miserable race of mortals inhabited a country capable of producing all the necessaries of life, "and the finest climate in the world." One year before, Captain Marian, a Frenchman, according to the authors of his country, visited this island.

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In the sound, the colonist recognises the vocal cooey of the aborigines, and learns from the steps "to the birds' nests," that they then hunted the opossum, and employed that method of ascent, which, for agility and daring has never been surpassed.