Sex chat in coachella

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Sex chat in coachella

It seems that any time a group of guys are unsupervised by a female, they can’t take care of themselves. As you wait in the food line day two, you start chatting up a guy who looks like he may be a red-colored cousin of Avatar, complete with a sunglasses tan.

Does he know he’s going to be in so much pain tomorrow? Does he put on suntan lotion today to reduce the burn from getting worse? He could be your sugar daddy, but you’re pretty sure he’s younger than you.

You like to think that you’re not one of those people who only goes to Coachella to take selfies.

You’re a big fan of a lot of the artists, and really enjoy most of the music.

Name every album, including EPs, along with each member’s middle name and horoscope sign please.” As you begin to stutter and contort your face into a confused grimace, he retorts, “It’s okay, I get it, you’re just not a real fan.

With the Coachella lineup coming out this past weekend, we were talking about the shows and were tossing around ideas for branching outside of our group. So, we were talking one night, and I said 'What if we did a Craigslist post? ' I'd seen other Craigslist posts, like "Wintertime Boyfriend Needed". We posted it late Thursday night and were checking our emails the next morning. We love electronic music, which is where the raver portion came from.

At Coachella, you aren't going to necessarily chat with the person next to you at the show. It was crazy because people were really interested. I hope you can find your Coachella boyfriends." But when we realized it was on Twitter, we were like, "This is bigger than we thought." We started searching and found articles and more tweets. That's why we requested people who are also car camping, so they'd be in the same vicinity. That's probably our favorite genre, but we don't want an extreme raver or someone super into drugs. Then, we threw in the normal category, because we feel like we're pretty normal.

We can still make out if you want.” One of the cool things about Coachella is that they book emerging artists alongside of older established acts.

One of the not cool things about Coachella is you may black-in from your blackout and realize you’ve been sitting next to a middle-aged man with a hoop earring for the duration of the past three sets.

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