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Richard Spencer speaks at the University of Florida.

He's received, it should come as no particular surprise, by a barrage of counter-protestors both inside and outside the auditorium - with the former drowning him out with chants for the entire duration.

A series of misconduct scandals has moved through British politics, with allegations including online hate speech, groping, forced kissing, sexting, and sexual assaults.

Three Conservative Secretaries of State are under investigation with one already resigned; a further three MPs are also being investigated with a fourth serious enough to be referred to the police.

This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three researchers who developed cryo-electronic microscopy, an imaging technique allowing for the visualization of complex biological molecules in exquisite detail.

Soon, all the secrets of life at the most fundamental levels will be revealed to us.

Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has been indicted on charges that he funneled millions of dollars through overseas shell companies.Syria signs the Paris Climate Agreement, a couple of weeks after Nicaragua signed on, leaving the US the only country in the world refusing to sign. Related: Trump is not invited to Paris climate summit in December. Another mass shooting in the United States, this time at a Baptist church in Texas on Sunday, 26 worshippers killed (4% of the town) before the murderer appeared to have shot and killed himself following a car chase.The shooter was an atheist as described by his friends and classmates, and others are trying to link him to the Antifa movement without much evidence.Gee, I wonder what we'd call this, and how we'd respond to it, if it were Muslims doing it?It is revealed that George Papadopoulos, a low-level Trump adviser, was told as early as April 2016 that Russians had "thousands of emails" with "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

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On top of the failures to repeal Obamacare, to build a wall along the Mexican border, and to revitalize the Midwestern coal industry, this adds nothing to the number of major electoral promises Trump has succeeded in keeping, a nice tidy zero.