Sex date algeria are piko and sekihan dating

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Sex date algeria

Islam forbids it and if they are God loving but fearing followers they will not.

But, while social acceptance and diversity are ongoing processes, the family remains an impenetrable and unforgiving realm.

In fact, few Algerians are aware of the penal articles criminalizing homosexuality.

They are rarely enforced, and few complaints are filed.

When the public indecency outrage consists of an act against nature with a same-sex person, thesentence is imprisonment from six months to three years and fines from 1000 to 10000 DA.” Article 338 states that “Whoever is guilty of a homosexual act will be punished with imprisonment from two months to two years and a fine from 500 to 2000 DA.

If one of the persons is a minor under 18 years old, the sentence for the adult person maybe raised to three years of imprisonment and a fine of 10000 DA.” Article 338 has not been modified since June 1966 and is theoretically classified as a rule of public order, which governs social interactions.

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