Sexchat like youpornchat

Posted by / 09-Nov-2016 05:27

Sexchat like youpornchat

I'm looking for something that is leading to a relationship with someone, not just a friendship.

If we have already talked some or gone out somewhere and we don't speak now, I'm sure there is a reason and there is no reason to write again.

I'm sorry if I don't make myself clear or you don't understand the things I say.

If you read this whole post, thank you for your time, and at the least I hope you enjoyed my post. There is more to me than these few paragraphs could ever tell you.

I do know that some of the things I've written will not translate well to the internet. After you get my email, then you can decide what you want to do, email another time or two, or three or four or more, then talk on the some, then eventually meet, or not (your choice, at least let me know). If not, no hard feelings, no harm done, and at least we, hopefully, had fun. I do have female friends, a couple I've actually met through here, crazy enough, so who knows.

And to be clear, they are just friends, I don't fool around with any of them in any way.

I've been told its the longest post some have ever seen.

So its gonna take some time, so, get yourself a drink, kick back, relax, get comfy, it'll be over sooner than you think.

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You don't have to write me and tell me how I should give your girl friend another chance and how 'special' she is to YOU either.

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