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During the medieval times, the local community highly tolerated this industry.

Although highly tolerated, the sex industry in Switzerland was running illegally until 1942.

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Some of them come only once, some other come a few months every year.

A big part of them are South American with a European passport and Spanish is the dominant language amongst the prostitutes of the Red Light District. A few "old style" prostitutes remain, notably at 15, rue Rossi. The first price given by street prostitutes for a quickie is 100 CHF for decades.

Sex workers who chose to work in the industry must pay a tax of .39 (5 Swiss Francs) for each night that they work as a prostitute.

There are 14,000 officially registered sex workers in Switzerland, with 800 located in Geneva.

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You would see faces month after month, year after year, offering their services at the same place.