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Speed dating strategies

But giving each project manager 15 minutes of airtime to offer a traditional Power Point-based set of talking points just wouldn’t work.

That was a format that would lull even the most enthusiastic participant to sleep after three or four presentations.

“Speed interviewing” and the concepts supporting it come directly from the social phenomena known as “speed dating.” Supported by lots of cognitive research that suggests initial intuition is as accurate as or more accurate than prolonged assessment, a few leading-edge organizations are hopping on board and testing speed interviewing as a possible solution to end the giant disconnect between society today and the HR systems of yesterday.

Just like in real speed dating, you have to do something to stand out and be memorable. If I were to attend as a dev, I would be sure to bring something memorable for the interviewers to take with them. See if there is a city near you and request an invite.

It’s an interesting concept that helps both companies and developers to see what’s out there. All in all though, Hacker X did a good job organizing the event. If I were to attend as a candidate, these are some of the things I would focus on.

For developers, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get in front of top tech companies. Research shows that you have six minutes and 25 seconds to make a solid first impression in a job interview.

So we decided to try something we’d never tried before in a professional meeting: speed dating.

How it Worked We set up six stations around the room, one for each initiative.

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