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Square dating

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Continue reading The bakery at Magnolia Square Market has been working on a new cheesecake for the Christmas season. Lebkuchen, otherwise known as gingerbread, is a long time Christmas must have in any German household. Continue reading It’s time, yet again, for one of our favorite holiday traditions. Stollen or Christstollen is a tradition dating back to 14th century Germany.

An article on the square from The Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, vol.Though not a significant sentence, it is grammatical; it can be read up and down, backwards and forwards. But since word order is very free in Latin, the translation is the same.If the Sator Square is read boustrophedon, in reverse direction, the words become SATOR OPERA TENET, with the sequence reversed., 'I creep towards', may be coincidental.The Benedictine Abbey of St Peter ad Oratorium, near Capestrano, in Abruzzo, Italy, has a marble square inscription of the Sator Square.An example discovered at the Valvisciolo Abbey, also in central Italy, has the letters forming five concentric rings, each one divided into five sectors.

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