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It was AM in Portland, Texas, and Lou was scheduled to be guest speaker at a civic event in nearby Flour Bluff, where he graduated from high school in 1980.Believe it or not, Lou was driving after having more than a few drinks, and he pulled up behind a POLICE OFFICER making a traffic stop.Photo Credit: AKM-GSI Here’s a piece of Kevin Spacey gossip that we NEVER expected.Apparently he’s not only a sexual predator with MEN, but with women too – and in fact he made moves on, and actively pursued, a married female costar back in 2000!The company was originally known as the American Messenger Company.

Numerous women have charged the massively egotistical actor with sexual harassment over the years, but they’ve been paid off.If his room service order was delayed, he’d flip over the tray!!SCREAMING and belittling hotel employees was an everyday activity. No amount of rehab – sex or otherwise – is going to change someone THAT entitled and deeply unethical.Photo Credit: AKM-GSI If you EVER thought Harvey Weinstein might have a milligram of decency in him, you WON’T when you read the Hollywood Reporter story about how he and his colleagues behave in expensive hotels.Chris Gardner interviewed some anonymous hotel employees about their experiences with Harvey and other powerful showbiz moguls and we were APPALLED.

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The “church” has a history of making criminal accusations against their members disappear.