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both deliver outstanding performance and allow all users to achieve high-quality results with the respective CAD integration.Full integration, simple operation and fast software processes make manufacturing generally more efficient.The great American total solar eclipse of 2017 is upon us.On Monday, the moon will slip in front of the sun and cast a dark shadow that will travel across the contiguous United States.Stream has partnered with NASA to string together an interactive feed that will feature footage from 52 high-altitude balloons launched from schools, universities, astronomy clubs, and elsewhere in the path of totality. "The viewer will be able to pick which balloon they want to watch via the interactive map on the site," Will Jamieson, Stream's CEO, told Business Insider in an email.Stream's balloon cameras "will be aiming horizontal" to capture "both the Earth as well as space," Jamieson said.This means there's a very good chance the feeds will show the oval-shaped umbra speeding across the ground as it races east.

With its hyper CAD-S software, the CAM provider, OPEN MIND, has designed and developed its own new CAD software right from scratch that is perfectly designed to fulfil the special requirements placed by CAM programmers on CAD software.The CAD-integrated hyper MILL CAM software allows construction data to be processed simply and without any problems by the NC programmer.The 64-bit, multi-core technology used in the CAM solutions from OPEN MIND helps ensure that toolpaths for the most complex machining operations can be implemented in the shortest time possible.The longest totality will last at any location is less than three minutes, but some feeds will have dozens of cameras sprinkled across the country.On solar-eclipse day, the space agency's main feed is going to be epic.

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CAM programmers are able to work in a familiar software environment. At the same time, training costs are reduced as users do not have to find their way around a completely new user interface.