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Teenage dating rules

When you are away, your child cannot bring his friends home.

Most importantly, they cannot throw parties when you are out of town. But if they are too stubborn and argumentative, tell them that if an outsider gets hurt in your home and sues you, your family will not have a roof over their head.

In the US, nearly 10,000 people died in car crashes in 2014 because the driver was under the influence of alcohol (1).

Drunk driving is one of the biggest reasons for road accidents involving teenagers.

Also, tell him that he should not travel with someone who is drunk while driving.

That said, setting and enforcing rules is not a cake walk.

Nevertheless, parents should have a list of house rules for teenagers to develop positive personal traits and values.

Your teen probably has a busy social life, but that is not an excuse to come home late.

Instead of losing sleep, find a practical solution.

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Mom Junction helps you in coming up with rules on various matters such as your teen’s safety, his health habits, ethics and morality, and of course some limits on dating too. Children long for freedom and independence in their teenage.

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