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Cuddy, House spots some members of his old team around the hospital, even though he knows they're working elsewhere now.

When House asks Amber for his car keys back he says "and no more prime numbers for you." You can't actually see her number in this shot, but Amber's number is 24, not a prime number.

To join Right Stuff Dating, you’ll have to provide proof of your graduate or faculty status from one of the following universities: Right Stuff Dating wants to add international universities to the list, and suggests that people who want to join from foreign schools send an email to the site administrator for approval. If you can prove that you are a full-time graduate student or undergraduate, you can pay a discounted fee of .00, so really only faculty pays the full rate.

Because of legal issues, members joining from Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Florida, and Canada don’t pay the membership fee.

[Verse 1:] I was standing at Waiting for my baby's car Just then out stepped The driver of a limousine And asked if I was going far I said I've got my mind made up I don't wanna leave him, baby 'Cause it's clear to me That it's just to tough to Find another lover like mine [Chorus:] With the right stuff The right stuff, baby I don't wanna miss out on the right stuff Ooh, no With Mr.Although the movie is centered around the men and their fast, expensive, and dangerous toys, the women in the movie receive a great deal of character development, from Pancho and Nurse Murch to all of the astronaut's wives. Interesting trivia: the actor named Glenn played Shepard, and the actor named Shepard played Yeager. Familiar character actors Carmen Argenziano and Kal Penn are among the huge cast, and several unfamiliar faces add greatly to the shenanigans.House slowly eliminates doctor after doctor from the group as the episode races by, and by the third episode, we will find he is down to a tight handful.

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  1. For all of the genre's seeming emphasis on romance, dating sims often contain a reductively transactional notion of love and sex, relying on a mechanic that independent game developer Arden once described as “kindness coins”: Put enough compliments or gifts into the object of your affection and receive sex in return.