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For starters, Cape rooms tend to be small, with low ceilings and uneven floors.Worse still, a typical Cape kitchen can look like something out of a catalog from the 1950s, if not earlier.“That’s the most popular add-on space that people request.” Adding a porch can break up the roof line while maintaining the style and character of the original home, says Steenlage.

It’s helpful to choose a home with a larger foundation so you have room to expand, should you choose to do so.

Most people want the same thing out of their living room that homeowners did nearly 100 years ago when the original Capes were built.

So, chances are you won’t have to renovate this room.

“A less-formal eat-in kitchen is the way it’s going,” especially for young families who want a place to eat and keep kids close by.

Changing the doors in your home may seem like an insignificant change, but it can add a lot of authentic character.

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When asked why families are so focused on kitchens, Steenlage cites contemporary lifestyles.