Updating data in a dataset

Posted by / 20-Aug-2016 16:07

Updating data in a dataset

Access control:[Pick one] A view from a different dataset to grant access to.Queries executed against that view will have read access to tables in this dataset.

If you attempt to change the availability you get the following error message: “Updating the availability section of a Dataset is not supported.

It would be nice if I could update or correct an Excel linked table in Power BI versus having to open up the Excel spreadsheet, make the change, refresh and then republish.

Can this be done or perhaps an option down the road?

I recommend to add public method to call a complete refresh or better yet, adapt the ng On Changes() routine to look for new changes to other chart settings and if outside of data/dataset changes call refresh() instead of just an update().

@Shadowlauch - The above causes a null data error: Model Sublabel Component.html:59 ERROR Type Error: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined at charts.js:90 at Each () at Base Chart Directive.webpack Jsonp.../../../../ng2-charts/charts/

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