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Updating ipcop

You’ve now installed pf Sense and are ready for configuration.

Configuration of pf Sense So for easy peasyness, start with all ethernet unplugged.

There is a way of actually using two internet modems together to loadbalance traffic between two of them, but that’s out of scope for this free post.9/4/2013 Edit: Check out the latest version of the config at the following post here: https://elgwhoppo.com/2013/09/04/pfsense-lan-party-qos-1-3-individually-limited-tcp-streams/ **** Some of you may know that although I’m an IT consultant by day, I’m also an avid PC gamer by pretty much any other time.I run a small LAN party called Forge LAN in Northeast Ohio.That way you can actually install pf Sense to a disk.Getting pf Sense If you want the official install thread, here’s the link.

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Say N on the setting up VLANs now: At this point you can either enter the interface name, or you can use auto detection.