Updating passport us

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Updating passport us

An email will be sent to you requesting additional photographs, if necessary.

Passports should be valid for at least six months into the future when entering and re-entering the US and also when applying for a visa.

One can access ‘My Account’ by entering a combination of Web Reference Number, Passport Number .

If your passport is still valid or has expired within the last 15 years, your passport was issued after you turned 16, and you live in the US, you must renew by mail.

Be sure to use a large envelope to send your passport renewal package.

The US Department of State encourages use of larger envelopes, not letter-size envelopes, so that you do not have to fold any of the forms or documents you are submitting.

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Students/scholars must contact their local embassy or consulate for instructions on renewing their passport.

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