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Updating windows server 2016

Keep in mind that it can take up to 90 minutes for the GPO to roll out to the computers within the linked OU, so you may wish to manually run the “gpupdate” command on a computer directly which will perform the group policy update straight away if you’re keen to test.

We have shown you how to use group policy to configure Windows computers to automatically download and install Windows updates.

Automatic Maintenance installs updates when the computer is not in use and is available in Windows 8 and newer.

The updates will also not happen if the computer is running on battery power.

The following is a list of the different options you can apply when configuring automatic updates through this policy.

In this instance we’re going to create a new GPO to apply our changes rather than simply updating the existing Default Domain Policy as this is the best practice.

Right click the container or OU that you want to link the policy to and select “Link an Existing GPO…” as shown below.

From the Select GPO window that appears next, pick the GPO that you wish to link.

By automatically applying Windows updates you will not need to log into each machine manually and perform updates.

When combined with WSUS we can also report on which servers have which updates installed, allowing us to see the patch level of the entire Windows environment.

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Optionally you can also set a policy to configure all servers to make use of a WSUS server, this way you can view more detailed reporting information in WSUS and easily see which servers have received a set of updates.

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