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The first step to validating an email address is to check whether it is in the standard format.

If you’re a seasoned programmer, feel free to skip over this description.

It won't go to the very basics of regexps since there are some very good tutorials available in the web.

This article focuses on using regexp to validate email addresses.

If the application is going to make use of a basic level of validation, a quick-and-dirty way to handle the situation might be to implement a simple PHP function that performs pattern matching to a standardized email address format, as we have seen many times.

However, when a deeper and more complex validation is required, we should take a look at well-trusted validation classes, such as Pear’s HTML_Quick Form class, or many other validation classes widely available out there.

Certainly, this should sound very familiar to most Web developers, whether they are setting up their first consciously-coded script or implementing full-blown applications required to handle more complex processes.

The simplistic check Email() function validates the format of a user’s email address by encoding its standardized format in a regular expression.The expression now allows the domain part to end with a period followed by 2..n letters such as These regexps were inspired by and modified from the article "Using Regular Expressions in PHP" by James Ussher-Smith [2]. If you're planning a new feature, please raise an issue first to ensure it's in scope.It means that the first characters defined before can be followed with a period "." and after that with the same set of characters than before the period.Because characters "." and " " have special meaning in regexps they must be escaped with a backslash.

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