Vanilla chelsea speed dating nick jonas and selena gomez dating

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Vanilla chelsea speed dating

It’s a fairly intimate space, and besides, if you get bored with the band, you can just head to the bar downstairs.Taking your date to a boobs-themed bar might seem counterintuitive, but this punk dive is so playful (and lady-owned) that the second you set foot inside, you’ll both feel totally relaxed.The Dead Rabbit was just named the world's best bar (again), and for good reason: the cocktails are truly some of the best in New York, and possibly even the world (that includes the perfect Irish coffee).The drinks aren’t cheap, but if you’re looking for something a little more upscale for your date night, they’re a hell of a lot more affordable than the tasting menu at Per Se.Plus, dollars spent here go to one of the best charities in the city -- Housing Works supports people living with HIV/AIDS.You can take a class together, or just try out the wall after a quick rock climbing tutorial.Switch things up by splitting a full dim sum spread (soup dumplings, pork buns, scallion pancakes) in a comfy leather booth at Nom Wah.

Try the jalapeño tequila-based Say Anything and ponder where John Cusack’s career has gone in the last few years.OK, going to a show may not be great for a first date, but if you’re on date three, or five, or 17, it’s a solid plan.Clearly which band you’re seeing matters the most, but the venue definitely factors in as well; you wouldn’t want to take a date to a show at the antiseptic Barclays Center, but you definitely want to take them to the Bowery Ballroom.67 Orange Street is a cozy, speakeasy-ish spot (you’ll pass through a velvet curtain to get in) known for its great craft cocktails and small plates.There’s always great music, but it’s never too loud, making it a perfect spot for a first or second date, when you want to actually hear the person talking to you.

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This space is so lushly romantic, the garden looks like Daisy Buchanan’s fever dream.

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