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The baby is due at the end of February, and I leave for the Russia tour March 12th.Hence, the Bauchams will be in the Atlanta/Macon area at this time. Baucham will be available to preach in that area...

Whether you're trusting God with your singleness or deciding what you do in retirement, it all matters to God.Some people don't even live 70 years."He further added, "Notice that He says 'for I know the plans I have for you.' I think a lot of time with this verse, we really prostitute God out, turn Him into a Santa Claus or turn Him into a genie...We make our plans and then say 'now God do them.'"Watch Bethke on "The Most Misinterpreted Verse In The Bible (Jeremiah )" below: Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church and lecturer, has suggested that Christians tend to twist Jeremiah in three ways."First off all, we twist it because we make it a promise directly to us when it was a promise made directly to a specific group of people under specific circumstances during a specific time and in a specific place," he said in a sermon."Secondly, we twist it because we make it for now when it was actually a multi-generational promise.Lane, a mother of two, also talks about her family's journey with her daughter Annie, who was born with half a heart.Thanksgiving is about gathering together to remember God's many blessings.

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Yes, they'd lost almost everything, but they still had their community, which is how God often blesses us."An article published on Friday, Aug.

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