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Alicia Sacramone: Monday through Friday I’m in the gymnastics gym from until around 11 or , and then two days a week I lift in the afternoons, and I throw in some cardio and rehab for my foot. When I’m training really heavily and during competition season I try to shy away from dairy and gluten.[.] On the weekends occasionally, in all my spare time, I do some pilates as well. It just really makes a difference in how I train, how I recover and how I rest. [] Aqua always makes really reasonably priced clothese that fit well and look really good on everybody, too. Obviously being comfortable with your body is a big issue and I worked really hard to get into the shape I was in.

You just kind of match your eye shadow to your leotard because that’s a big deal. It definitely is a process to make sure it stays up. I’m usually grabbing dinner after competition with my coaches or my agent and I want to be able to brush it out really quick and still have a real hair style. I don’t know why people think they’re so great and why they’re still a trend. Your hands and feet must be a mess from the powder and all the stress you put them through. Every girl should be proud of how beautiful they are inside and out no matter how they look. Sacramone has partnered up with P&G (who owns a ton of beauty brands like Cover Girl, Olay and Pantene) to support youth sports.

We got to chat with one such wonder woman, 2008 Beijing Olympian--and hopefully a member of the 2012 Olympic team--gymnast Alicia Sacramone.

We had some very serious questions for Sacramone, which she was gracious enough to answer.

Click through to find out why so many gymnasts wear hair scrunchies, the prevailing theory about eye makeup and leotards, why you won't see crazy nail art on any Olympic gymnasts, and why Sacramone would love to become a designer.

Fashionista: What is your typical day like when you’re training?

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