Who is bow wow dating 2016

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Who is bow wow dating 2016

"Why is it yall can do this when your bestie break up and why cant the fellas encourage they homies the same way yall do?

This has been something they have been trying to work and build stronger for a while now.Things eventually went sour between them, though - so sour that he believes Keyshia egged his friend's Rolls Royce that was parked in front of his house, thinking it was actually his.In an interview with , the rapper detailed the incident. "I think I [told] my people downstairs to let someone in. It's caked, there's flour, the mirror is broke.'" Even though Bow Wow still isn't 100% sure Keyshia was behind it, she was immediately Suspect #1 in his eyes because the two were having problems at the time. "And for that to happen at that time, how it happened, [she's] the first person I thought about." But despite the drama, would he be willing to give them another chance? Bow Wow went on to gush about his ex, calling her one of the sweetest people he's ever been with. "That's the one person [I] was cool with for a certain amount of time - if you want to consider her an ex or whatever., the former frienemies trade verses about money, power and women on tracks like “Louis Vuitton,” “My House,” “F---in' Up a Check” and “Rick Flair.” Rich the Kid joins the duo as the sole feature on the mixtape on “All About Paper.”Bow Wow posted on Instagram soliciting suggestions of which song they should shoot a video for first, writing, "What's your favorite song off #ignorantshit? Tag me and @souljaboy let us know what should we shoot video too.”What made you decide to do an album with Bow Wow?

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I just did some sh-- with Migos, I just did some sh-- with Young Thug, I just did like five songs with Lil Boosie, I just did a new song with Young Dolph, I just did five songs with Post Malone for his album.