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Who is dima bilan s dating

But he sadly died in September 2005, just one day before Bilan won the Best Russian Artist award at MTV Russia music awards (RMA). Now the singer boasts several RMA awards for the best song, best artist, best Russian act (having got which he not once represented Russia at MTV Europe awards), and dozens of various awards for best-selling albums, for his style, etc.

Dima Bilan’s hobbies include collecting belts and taking pictures.

To solve the question, the singer simply changed his passport and officially became Dima Bilan – as millions of his fans know him.

Bilan spent his childhood in the Southern Russia, where he went to an ordinary music school and won several prizes for young talents, including an award for the “Young voices of Caucasus”.

In 2004, while shooting a video for his song Between the Sky and Heaven in Venice the singer was improvising just for fun.

Selling clothes, he was dreaming of a career on stage, but not on an opera one.

He could easily perform complicated classical compositions, but realized that theatre was not for him, and was listening to Whitney Houston a lot, dreaming of a pop singer career.

The manager, who had already made popular many artists, put a lot of money and effort in his new project.

“The role which Yury has played in my life can't be described in just a few words.

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