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He also meets with Spencer, apologising to clear the air, though Spencer blames Jamie primarily about the housing situation.

Later, in their new house, Proudlock encourages Jamie and Spencer to make up, though Spencer still voices his concerns over Francis.

Proudlock was seen on the show wearing a ring on his wedding finger and seemed to confirm his marital status on social media, only to later reveal that he was joking.

Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock stepped out together on Tuesday But the 23-year-old was soon joined by Proudlock – who was looking dapper in faded jeans, a black polka dot shirt and leather jacket – inside the shop, and the pair were spotted leaving the party later that evening.

This isn't the first time that the new couple have been spotted out together.

Despite not joining Made in Chelsea until the second series, the charms and unconventional fashion sense of Oliver Proudlock, better known as simply Proudlock, has thrust him to the forefront of the show often throughout his tenure on the series.

Appearing uninterrupted from the second until ninth series, Proudlock missed Made in Chelsea: LA, and took a hiatus from the series, though has appeared briefly in Series 10.

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star was told of their romance while the group were filming a spin-off series in New York City.