Who is zack merrick dating 2016

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Who is zack merrick dating 2016

And neither prince is willing to give their parents the satisfaction of a good match. They relax together on the weekends, complain together on the weekdays, and when Jack's flight home gets cancelled they spend Christmas eve together.

Warnings: Possible triggers Requested by Wattpad user: futureheart12345Word Count: 1,518Y/NPeople didn’t understand why you chose to dress and act differently to all the other girls your age.

ZACKI couldn’t believe she’d say that about y/n’s mum, y/n’s mum loved everyone especially her daughter.

You only had four friends; Zack, Jack, Rian and Alex who said they’d stick by you through thick and thin.

”My girlfriend wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss but I pushed her away.

Two years after abandoning y/n I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen to her, you never forget the little things which is what made us inseparable.

I needed y/n to know that she wasn’t alone.“Zack baby what’s wrong?

”I pushed my clingy girlfriend away once more and glanced in the direction y/n had just run.“We’re over.

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That all changed when the guy you had a secret crush on started dating one of the popular girls who’d made your life hell.

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