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In the few brief opportunities in which she was allowed to explore her star potential, such as the aforementioned Rusev storyline, she has excelled and gotten over.Again, though, inconsistency has doomed her character to the state of insignificance in which she finds herself.One solid push would earn her a greater fan following.Unfortunately, such a thing does not appear imminent.Luna was an integral part of my career and I would not have succeeded without her.We have lost a great performer and an even greater person.

The Superstar Shake-up resulted in the reshuffling of the Raw women's division and the ascension of Alexa Bliss to the top spot on the show.

At a time when the women she worked so closely with in NXT were fueling a revolution on the main roster, she was forced to watch from the sidelines.

Score: 5 Mic Ability While Summer Rae may be lacking from an in-ring perspective, she is a tremendously skilled talker.

Is she as talented an in-ring worker as Bayley or Sasha Banks?

How do her microphone skills measure up to Summer Rae's or Alicia Fox's?

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How might her popularity catapult her past them all?