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The two figures stopped at the lounger we were on waving their arms in defeat.

They looked round at us laying there, I realized they were cops, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Sue kept looking at the guys, they were very cute indeed. Looking round people were watching us, it turned me on so much. “Yeah dirty slut sisters.” Sue gasped between powerful thrusts. But suddenly he groaned and started to cum in my ass.

Some texts can hurt sensibilities, but we feel the need to have them for various reasons we will not explain here and now. We found another bathroom, in it a couple were having sex in the shower, I thought about joining them but we just watched as Sue cleaned her teeth. Sue managed to find a pair of sandals and we found a couple of bottles of water. We walked hand in hand down to the beach guys checking us out as we bounced deliberately down the road. ” One of them said and he slapped hands with the other guy. Sue, like the dirty bitch she is, looked over the top of her sunglasses checking out the guys crouch, she smiled and licked her lips. I sat up and as soon as I could I sucked his cock into my mouth cupping his balls in one hand.We dumped our shoes and sarongs on a couple of sun loungers and naked as the day we were born we dived into the sea. “Sure,” He said and stepped towards us, “But we get to apply it.” “God, thought you’d never ask.” Sue said rolling onto her front “Back first though.” I lay down too and the other guy started to rub sun cream into my skin, I glanced over, Sue was grinning from ear to ear as the cream was rubbed into her skin. He pushed me back onto the lounger and got between my legs, I took hold of his cock and rubbed it all over my pussy sliding the ball of my clit ring into the slit of his cock. She bit her lip as the guy forced his cock into her tight ass. “Shut up and take it Puta.” He said fucking me in the ass hard.Getting off the bed I found a bathroom and a clean toothbrush. I found some wedges and slipped them on, there was a lot of broken glass and I didn’t want to cut my feet. “Ten.” She announced looking so pleased with herself, we were always trying to out slut each other. “You dirty slut.” I said softly sipping the last of the water. My nipples got hard and I arched my back making them touch his bare torso. ” Sue yelled out, her guy sprayed the lotion all over her body and started eagerly rubbing it into her tight little body.Gently picked my way round the house, a big white villa, eventually I found Sue, passed out in another room, someone’s cock still in her mouth, her hair matted, I guessed she’d been letting guys cum in her face, the little slut. Sue just giggled and threw her bottle of water in the sink. We looked around and found some sun glasses, and a couple of sarongs. My guy sprayed cream all over my boobs and began rubbing it in. ” He asked looking a bit shocked as I wriggled my hips pushing more of his finger into my pussy.

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It also contains flash mini-game, where you have to find exact spot on a picture presented to you to see Angelinas face covered with cum. Well, we all know solitaire from the old Windows 3.1 :) And this game is even more fun, coz it has sexy nude babes on picture cards.