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Yahoo mom son sex chat

It was running down my legs and Joan just kept licking it all up.

"Wow Diane, that was a gusher." Joan said laughing."I know. I looked at John and said, "Baby why don't you take care of Joan.""Ok mom." John said.

The second shot also got her chin and left a trail of cum on her breasts and stomach.

Shot after shot he kept shooting his cum all over her chest and stomach as I jerked him harder and harder.

As I kissed her I darted my tongue into her mouth and let it explore. Especially my son Pete." Joan said."Oh yes Ms Rhodes, you have my word." John said. I was so turned on watching what was happening between my son and my friend. She pulled his shorts and underwear off at the same time. I moved them around in my hand, massaging them, listening to my son moan from what I was doing.

When I put my arms around her, with each hand I grabbed her round ass. My nipples were poking out, hard as small rocks making them very noticable through my tank top. " Joan asked."They are beautiful." John said"It doesn't matter that they are attached to an old broad like myself? They are the best breasts I have ever seen." John said. Her mouth covered his and I could see that their tongues were dancing with each other. When his cock was released from his shorts I could hear it plop against his tight stomach. She must've grabbed his cock and was stroking it because John let out a soft moan. All of a sudden Joan stopped riding John and got off him.

Joan was going crazy on my pussy and I could feel the orgasm that was approaching.

My nipples were so hard they almost broke through my tank top.

John then thrusted his hips forward and sent the entire length of his cock into Joan's pussy. That feels good." Joan said I then came around and squatted over Joan's face, facing my son, so she could eat my pussy again. As John went in and out of her she shot her tongue faster and faster over my clit.

Be sure and pull out when you are about to cum." Joan said."Yes John be sure and pull out. She was having a very intense orgasm as her eyes were rolling over. Let mommy finish you." I whipsered into his ear from behind him. He reached around behind his back and grabbed my ass and pulled me up against his back. As I was walking Joan out she turned to me and said, "Diane, you have to fuck him.

Let Joan see how you cum." I said."Oh Diane I'm about to cum! I then got off Joan's face and got on my knees behind my son. John pulled out, I reached around from behind him, grabbed his thick cock and started jerking him. His body sent an electrical feeling through me as our bodies touched. His cock feels so damn good.""But he's my son." I said."Who's going to know." Joan said.

The harder he fucked her the faster her tongue moved. She's doing a great job on mommy's pussy." I said to my son.

And so John fucked her harder, pounding her pussy for all he was worth.

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